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Galkayo, Puntland, March 26th, 2019. Galkayo Education Center for Peace and Development Executive Director’s congratulatory message to Zamzam Abshir Samriye on her election as a Galkayo District council member.

Ms. Zamzam has become a pillar at GECPD. I have known her for years as a young girl all the way from Primary school where she was a beneficiary of our women and girls education programme. On her graduation, she came back to GECPD as a volunteer teacher at Halabokhad primary school and community center in 2011. She worked through the ranks to become the school’s Headteacher playing a critical role in shaping the school to what it is now. Until her appointment, she was serving as a psychosocial counselor for SGBV survivors at GECPD’s main Center a role she acquired as a promotion from being a headteacher.

Zamzam is dedicated, disciplined and above a champion and a defender of Women and Girls’ Rights. Her passion has been to see empowered an womenfolk. Her appointment as a council member hasn’t come as a surprise but as a recognition to her commitment in making sure the voice of women and girls is heard and respected. We comment her for her dedication to the community and her vision for a better community. As she joins the other six elected women in the council, We wish her all the best for we know, she is up to the task.

Congratulations Zamzam Abshir Samriye.

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