Arab Hope Makers

Congratulations To Our Founder!

We would like to announce that our very own founder, Mama Hawa Aden Mohamed, was chosen as a The Arab Hope Makers 2018! We are so proud!

Message from our founder!

My foremost appreciation goes to Your Highness Mr. Prime Minister, for this outstanding initiative of recognizing those who dedicate their lives and service to alleviating the suffering and saving the lives of others. Your Highness, If I may borrow your words, the Arab Hope Makers initiative is indeed a message of great ‘encouragement and gratitude’. It is one that channels hope to fight despair, frustration, and pessimism; one that enhances optimism; strengthens the culture of giving, and provides the opportunity for positive change.

My special thanks also goes to the Evaluation Committee who carefully sifted through each of the thousands of hope stories submitted under this initiative. Truly, it is a test of patience, dedication and high value of judgment to delve into these hope inspiring stories.

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