Harfo Girls Hostel

The Hostel was established in 2004 to provide accommodation to orphaned, poor pastoral nomadic and IDP girls enrolled in the education programs at the Harfo Girls and Women Center. While enrollments rates were rising, retention of girls became a major challenge due to continued absenteeism and in some instances drop out.


Girls were withdrawn from school to either take charge of the households as family members searched for pasture; assist in getting the water and other resources necessary for easing drought effects; or move temporarily with family members to areas less distressed, forcing some to drop out of school when the families relocated. The need for a hostel to accommodate the girls for consistency in their education was thus borne and made a reality with the support of Islamic Relief and UNHCR

The hostel with a capacity to accommodate 160  girls has the following facilities;

  • 8 dormitories,
  • 1 dining hall,
  • 1 kitchen,
  • 4 stores,
  • 8 washrooms,
  • a prayer room,
  • a water tank,
  • a study room,
  • a health room (for students medical check-ups)
  • a matrons room