Youth Development

Years of conflict in Somalia have led to a collapse of the family unit, lack opportunities to economic empowerment, intellectual development and constructive engagement through community development and participation for the youth. This has invoked a sense of frustration amongst the youth which has eventually resulted to increased moral decadence as the youth try to cope with the difficult times. The trend portent a big threat to the entire generation of the youth and a bleak future especially in the face of growing radicalism and emergence of daring crimes such as piracy, which have taken advantage of the desperate situation of the young people. Youth lack life skills to ward off temptations of joining these groups.

Youth Development

Years of fighting in Somalia have led to the destruction of the entire social structure. Hundreds of people have been displaced while the social infrastructure that existed has been destroyed. The biggest effect has been on the youth who are growing up in the turmoil that has characterized Somalia for the past 20 years. They have no access to information, knowledge and skills to face the challenges of life. They lack recreational facilities where they can meet, organize themselves and share ideas. They have no amenities where they can positively engage their energies and release their steam. This is in addition to the lack of or limited educational, skills training and livelihood opportunities that existed prior to the outbreak of the civil war.

The result of the foregoing has been increasing cases of moral decadence amongst the youth. Boys on their part lack guidance and many have been turning into thieves, robbers, killers, rapists and drug addicts. The increasing lack of opportunities, high levels of unemployment and poverty have seen many youths join piracy groups, recruit into clan militia and radical groups that now operate in Somalia. Girls have been susceptible to forced and early marriages since their upbringing has inculcated in them the belief that sexual maturity means time for marriage. They enter this institution without any life skills or knowledge on their reproductive health such as the natural ways to control birth. They lack role models due to the traditional marginalization of women and girls in Somali communities, hence many never have ambitions in life. Girls have also been subjects to harmful cultural practices such as FGM, which severely affects their health.

In a bid to curb the soaring trend, GECPD has mobilized resources to construct the Galkayo Youth Resource Center for Peace with the aim of protecting young people against the threat of turning into social debauchery through constructive engagement and mentoring. The facility consists of a Football Pitch,  a basketball court, a library, a hall/auditorium, a meeting room, a guiding and counseling room, a Registry, a Youth canteen/Social Arena and 3 office rooms. These facilities are meant to provide the youth a place where they can meet and organize themselves, share ideas and experiences and suggest their own solutions, learn to assert themselves in articulating issues of concern to them and pass important lessons to their peers and community at large as they engage in sports and other talents arts.


The Galkayo Youth Resource Center for Peace

The Youth Sports Program is mainly based at the Galkayo Youth Sports and Peace Resource Center. The center was established since 2010 to 2014 More>>


Halabookhad Community Youth Social Corner

Halabookhad IDP settlement was established in April 2010 to accommodate 278 IDP families evicted from the ex-Siinay IDP settlement in Galkayo More>>