Promotion of Gender Values and Education

Girls and women in Somalia have long suffered from socio-cultural factors constraining their ability to go beyond a certain stage in development and role in society due to discrimination. Some socio-cultural norms and believes also perpetuate the continued domination, abuse and subjection of women to harmful practices. Some of the norms and practices infringe on the rights of girls and women and their right to healthy development.

GECPD continues to educate communities on the negative aspects of social-cultural and religious based value systems that promote gender-based inequalities, biases, discrimination and abuse.



Expected outcomes:

  • Improved status of women in society
  • Reduced instance /elimination of violence against women
  • Reduced instance/elimination of sexual and gender based violence and other forms of violence against women
  • Increased involvement of women in the peace, reconciliation and political processes
  • Increased capacity of women to contribute to peace, reconciliation , economic and social- political development
  • Increased participation of women in decision making at all levels
  • Increased integration of women’s needs, concerns and opinions in sustainable development policies and programmes