Formal Primary

This is an 8-year program running from grade 1 to 8. GECPD started offering this program in October 2000 at the GECPD Main Center. At this time there were no girls’ school offering free formal primary education opportunities for girls from poor, minority, returnee and internally displaced families in Galkayo. Some 100 girls were enrolled in the program which was modeled on the program offered by Juba Women Development Organization –that was also founded by the GECPD Founder Executive Director in Kismayu town.


at Minority School and Harfo Boys Peace School. Today the program is being offered in four centers; Minority Women Center/School in Bullo Ba’alay, Harfo Girls and Women center, Ba’adweyn Primary School and Halabookhad Community Center. Besides girls from poor, minority and internally displaced families, the program is now also benefiting a selected group of vulnerable boys

Learners are those aged between 8 to 15 years old and GECPD fundraises to provide scholarships to the students. The scholarship funds go towards meeting the running costs of the program including payment of teachers’ incentives and purchase of learning material.



The first group of 48 girls enrolled under the program completed their grade 8 in 2007 and some are working as teachers, receptionists and with NGOs around Galkayo, thanks to the 6 Month Secretarial, Office Management and Computer Skills course given to them in the final year of their schooling alongside their primary curriculum.