Teacher Training

Availability of well trained teachers is a key ingredient in the provision of quality education. After almost 10 years of conflict with no facilities to train teachers, there were no trained teachers at the time GECPD started offering its Education Programs in 1999. GECPD therefore preceded its programs with the training of the selected individuals to become teachers. This was aimed at strengthening the capacity of those selected –many of whom had not attended any formal training- to deliver lessons to learners. The training centered on four most important areas; Participatory Teaching Methodologies, Lesson Planning, Learner Evaluation and Record Keeping.

Moreover, GECPD’s experience in the provision of education for girls and women indicated that lack of female teachers and gender friendly environments in schools was affecting the participation of girls and women in education. Parents were assumed to be more willing to send their daughters to school if they are to be taught by female teachers. It is for this reason that in December 2003, GECPD embarked on a program to train female teachers as a means of promoting girls access to education.


This premier training brought together 43 teachers from Mudug, Nugaal, Sool, Buuhodle, Sanaag and Bari regions of the Puntland state Somalia. Construction of a facility to provide boarding facilities to women attending training was also conceived.

As a continuous capacity building exercise for its teachers, Teacher training has since become an integral part of GECPD Education programs and is conducted every year during the August holidays.