Unconditional Cash Support Program

GECPD with the support of Oxfam Novib in 2010 provided Cash Support of US$ 100 per month for 3 months to sustain the livelihoods of 580 IDP households in Galkayo-Halabookhad IDP settlement (380-April to June 2010; 100 –July to September 2010), Cirjife IDP settlement (52-July to September 2010) and Tawakal IDP settlement (48 -July to September 2010).


Despite the hardships that the beneficiary families had, some managed to make savings and 45 of them are among those running businesses at the Halabookhad Women Market while 62 others have managed to purchase dairy goats. Due to high levels of poverty amongst the IDP community and the fact that many had no knowledge of how to regenerate this support or utilize it to gain income sustainability much of the support went towards subsistence use for the survival of this families.