Harfo Boys Peace School

Lack of educational opportunities in Harfo was affecting both boys and girls. The only Primary school that had been offering education to boys had become non-functional due to vandalism and years of neglect.  Without Education opportunities, young boys had resorted to mischievous acts such as khat chewing, throwing stones at the girls school and even their seniors and engaging in rascal games.


Harfo Boys Peace School was constructed in 2008/2009 with the support of Global Fund for women, the community and other donors to provide formal Primary Education to a selected group of boys – as a way of averting intrinsic moral decadence.

The school consists of;

  • 4 classrooms,
  • 1 office room,
  • 1 dining hall,
  • 1 kitchen and
  • 4 toilets

Following the rehabilitation and reopening of the only public primary school in the town and recommendation of the community, the school facilities have now been converted to provide vocational skills training programs to women and girls from around the district and beyond.